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The SaaS based Offering for Mid & Small Freight Forwarders

The role of Freight Forwarders in the modern world is simple but essential. Apart from arranging carriers to move cargo forward, they have a strategic advisory role in terms of documentation, planning, and execution of cargo movement. But as the world evolves, so does the role of Freight Forwarders and the importance of technology adoption is becoming a priority.

Highly fragmented and ever-changing market dynamics, manpower and increased cargo processing time, low level of automation, and complex paperwork and revenue leakage are some of the key challenges faced by Freight Forwarders in the current times. Freight Forwarders today need a scalable and reliable solution that offers enterprise-wide business functionality to handle multi-modal operations and security combined with an affordable cost of ownership.

CORVI LTE - the next gen SaaS based Freight Forwarding Software from Kale Logistics Solutions is set to change the rules of the freight industry. This power-packed compact system is built with latest features and functionality that every forwarder aspires to have.

Be it freight forwarding, sales & CRM, multimodal operations, document sharing, invoicing or EDI, the unique freight forwarding software - CORVI manages every aspect singlehandedly and eliminates the need of isolated systems to perform disparate forwarding.

Unique functional capabilities


Sales, CRM & pricing


Integrated operations

Business Benefits

40% Reduction in operational delays

85% Reduction in error rates

20-25% Improvement in profitability

100% Reduction in revenue leakages